Jenna Marbles Inspired This One

I just watched Jenna Marbles’s video called “Second Puberty” and so much of it was relateable to me. Basically, she’s talking about how we all go through the first puberty as adolescents and we were all expecting it because everyone told us it was going to happen. The expectation was that we were going to transition from awkward tweens into beautiful butterflies (adults) and we’d never look back and life would just carry on merrily from there. But Jenna addresses the reality in her video and it made me feel so not alone. In our early-late twenties we all go through a second puberty that none of us were ever expecting.

She addresses how once she finally thought she figured out her skin, it went and changed on her. I feel the exact same way. When I finally learned how to perfect washing my face (by actually washing my face way less than I did in high school) I stopped getting pimples for probably 2 years. Now they’re back. What is that about? I’m even on birth control…which might actually have something to do with this second puberty but that’s beside the point!

She also addresses how we think that once we’ve gone through puberty we’re going to be swift and nimble creatures who can do anything without feeling any pain! We’re going to be agile and have endurance and barely break a sweat. Wrong. We start getting sore and swollen and achy. I’ve gotten two massages in the past week and both times I asked them to focus on my shoulders and my feet because they’re so sore all the time!

She brings up the point that we now cannot regulate our body temperatures like we used to. Just like she said, I’m always freezing and need blankets while my boyfriend is sitting there sweating buckets. Or that we randomly develop allergies we never used to have. My dog is 14 years old and suddenly my nose and ear get congested whenever I’m home and his dander is the only thing that makes sense that I could be allergic to. I also developed anxiety at age 21 during a relatively low-stress period in my life. Where did that come from? You’d think I would’ve had it in high school when I was trying to decide which university to go to in order to decide the fate of the rest of my life, or maybe even when I will be done school and don’t have a career yet. But nope. 21. Right in the middle of summer.

I know there are plenty of other examples of how I am experiencing a second puberty but I was just glad to hear Jenna talk about it so that I know I am not alone and I just wanted to record it.


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