Sorting out my thoughts…

I’m probably only talking to myself, but I figured blogging would be a good and healthy way for me to sort out my thoughts. At least this way, if there were ever a fire in my home my words would be preserved in an online blog, rather than burned up and lost forever. And the first draft is always the best draft. I’ve got a paper for school to continue procrastinating for, so I’m going to keep this first blog of mine short. Hi, I’m Historyblonde. I like history, and I kind of have blonde hair. My boyfriend says that when he started dating me, he signed up for a blonde. Within the past 8 months my hair has turned brown. I don’t remember what I did to make this happen to me, but I’m currently trying to figure out what I was doing with my life that kept me a blonde. Maybe I was slightly a better person back in the day, or maybe it’s genetics. Either way, my firm stance against hair dye has been slightly swayed.

My goals with this blog are to merely write down everything that bounces around in my head, in as organized a fashion as I can. My old English T.A. once wrote on one of my poorly graded papers that I have good ideas, I just struggle to convey them onto paper (actually Microsoft Word). So good luck with reading my blog, my imaginary audience.

Future topics to be addressed:

-my struggle with self-diagnosed Anxiety

-my loss and gain of friends

-my experiences with sex (I lost my virginity at age 21!!)

-anything else I want because this is my blog and I’m going to have fun with it

I’m really looking forward to blogging. I think it will be a nice outlet for me!